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How to use Zapier for Kajabi + ActiveCampaign + Elopage integration

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Through Zapier, you can automate repetitive tasks by connecting any app events. In this case, you are going to use a Trigger, which will trigger an event and result in an Action (the task will be executed immediately by Zaps).

Let's find out how to use it!

For example, when you add a "New Purchase" to your account on Kajabi, Zappier will "Create or Update Contact" instantly on.

  • About ActiveCampaign

A CRM with email and sales automation keeps all your customer data organized in one platform. Manage multiple pipelines, update deals, and always follow up at the perfect moment.

  • About Kajabi

Kajabi empowers you to create all kinds of content to showcase what you know best, including online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, memberships, and more.

  • About Elopage

Elopage is a SaaS company that enables entrepreneurs to start and scale their digital businesses with digital products and automated sales.

*Remember to have accounts in these apps.

Triggers are events that start in Zap, while Actions are events that Zap performs. There are some triggers and actions that Zapier suggests for you:

In ActiveCampaign you can choose many different triggers such as New or Updated Account, Deal Task Completed, .. etc.

And choose the action you want to perform in ActiveCampaign: Create Account, Update Account., etc.





New Form Submission

Triggers when a form is submitted.

New Purchase

Triggers when an offer is purchased.

Tag Added

Triggers when a tag is added to a contact.

Tag Removed

Triggers when a tag is removed from a contact.

New or Updated Custom Object Record

Triggers when a Custom Object record is created or updated.

Custom Object Record Deleted

Triggers when a custom object record is deleted in ActiveCampaign

Deal Task Completed

Triggers when a deal task has been completed.

New or Updated Account

Triggers when a new account is added or an existing account's details are updated.

New Automation Webhook

Triggers when an automation sends out webhook data. To add a webhook in ActiveCampaign, navigate to your Automations section, add or edit an automation, and create a new "Webhook" action.

New Campaign Bounce

Triggers when a contact email address bounces from a sent campaign.

New Campaign Link Click

Triggers when a contact clicks a link in a campaign message (will only run once for each unique link).

New Campaign Open

Triggers when a contact opens a campaign (will trigger once per contact per campaign).

New Campaign Starts Sending

Triggers when a new campaign starts sending.

New Campaign Unsubscribe

Triggers when a contact unsubscribes as a result of a campaign email sent to them.

New Contact Note

Triggers when a new contact note is added.

New Contact Task

Triggers when a new contact task is created.

New Deal Note

Triggers when a new deal note is created.

New Deal Task

Triggers when a new deal task is created.

New Deal Added or Updated

Triggers when a new deal is created or existing deal is updated.

New Contact Added to List

Triggers when a new contact is added to a list.

Updated Contact

Triggers when an existing contact details are updated.

New or Updated Contact

Triggers when a new contact is added or existing contact's details are updated.

Tag Added or Removed From Contact

Triggers when a a Tag is added or removed from a Contact

​Initial Payment

Trigger when an initial payment for any product is processed!

Initial Product Payment

Triggers when an initial payment for specific product is processed.

New Email Opt-In

Triggers when product with opt-in with zapier is bought.

New Event Participants

Triggers when ticket was bought.

New Payment

Triggers when a new payment is processed.

New Product Payment

Triggers when a new payment for a specific product is processed.

New Refund

Trigger when new refund processed!

Order State Updates

Triggers when order state is changed.


​Grant Access to an Offer

Grants a new or existing member access to an Offer and its Products.

Create Form Submission

Submits a Form on behalf of a contact. This will opt in the contact for email marketing.

Revoke Access to an Offer

Revokes access to an offer from the specified member.

Create Account

Creates a new account.

Update Account

Updates an account.

Create or Update Contact

Creates a new contact, or updates an existing contact.

Create Deal (Deprecated)

Creates a new deal.

Add Existing Contact to Automation

Adds an existing contact into any automation.

Remove Contact From Automation

The contact will be removed from this active automation

Create Campaign

Creates and sends a new campaign.

Add Contact to Account

Adds a contact to an ActiveCampaign account

Add Contact Note

Adds new contact note.

Add/Remove Tag From Contact

Add or remove a tag from a Contact

Create or Update Contact Task

Creates or updates a contact task

Create or Update a Custom Object Record

Creates a new custom object record or update an existing record

Add Secondary Contact to Deal

With a deal ID and a contact ID set the corresponding contact as a secondary on the deal. Optionally set the role. If the Deal has no Primary contact set, this contact will be set as Primary if you DO NOT select a role.

Create Deal

Creates a new deal.

Add Note to Deal

Adds a note to a deal.

Create or Update Deal Task

Creates or updates a deal task

Update Deal

Updates an existing deal.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe Contact From List

Subscribes a Contact to a List it is not currently associated with, or Unsubscribes a Contact from a list is currently associated with.

Create Tracked Event

Creates a custom website or application event.

Find Account

Finds account by name.

Find Contact

Finds a contact by email address or ID.

Find Contact Task

Finds a contact task.

Find Deal

Finds an existing deal by title or email.

Find Deal Owner

Looks for a Deal and if found, returns the User that owns the Deal

Find Deal Task

Finds a deal task.

Find User

Finds a user by email address.

Create Affiliate Publisher Invitation

Creates publisher invitation for selected affiliate program.

Create Coupon

Creates an individual coupon code.

Create Free Payment

Register user to a free product, ticket or course.

Find Coupon

Finds an existing coupon.

Find or Create Coupon

Find or Create Coupon

Step-by-step to use Zap for connecting Elopage + ActiveCampaign And Kajabi

  • Step 1: Authenticate Elopage + ActiveCampaign And Kajabi

After you sign in for both apps, then go to and scroll down to this section, click "Connect Kajabi + Elopage + Active Campaign".

Choose "Connect ActiveCampaign+Kajabi+elopage."

Zap will auto-combine the apps for you easily to make a command.

  • Step 2: Pick one trigger in one of those apps you need in Zappier, and then it will activate automatically.

In this section below, you will have a list of events that can be triggered.

For example, I choose "New Campaign Open".

Click "Continue" to connect to ActiveCampaign.

When you set up a trigger, choose any outcome in the list, for example, I choose the "Master Contact Lis .

Zap will test the trigger to ensure it is set up correctly.

After the test is done, you can move on to the results.

  • Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other apps.

Repeat the setup as you do in the first application with both of the apps. In this section, the Action will trigger in the Kajabi app.

You will have a list of events that can be triggered in Kajabi. For example, I choose "Create Form Submission".

Choose "Continue" after you connect the account.

Then, when set up in the action, you will need to fill in "Name", " Email", "Default Form",..etc.

You can skip this test if you want to.

Here I had just skipped my test. Feel free to test if it needs.

Moving on to Elopage, I choose "Find coupon", you can choose whatever you want.

Move to the Elopage page, in "Settings", choose "Integrations" and you will see the API key has been generated.

Fill in the API key. for authenticating in Elopage.

Choose the account and "Continue".

Then, when set up in this section, you will need to fill in "Contact Name", "Contact Information", " Contact Email", "Default Form",..etc.

Zap will auto-test the trigger to make sure the setup is correct. You can choose to skip it.

  • Step 4: Finishing the Zap

It will always ask you to publish your Zap for executing tasks automatically in the future. You can cancel or change the Zaps at any time.

Missing any moves will prevent it from establishing Zaps, remember to follow the guide carefully.

Thank you for your watching! Please subscribe to the blog if you want to know more tricks!


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