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How to use Zapier for Deadline Funnel + Kajabi integration

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Zapier is an app that allows you to connect between any app events so it can perform repetitive tasks automatically. You'll use a Trigger to set off an event, which will then lead to an Action (the task will be carried out right away by Zap). Trigger which pulls off an event and it will lead to Action.

For example, when you add a "New Form Submission" to your account on Kajabi, Zappier will "Start Deadline" instantly on Deaaline Funnel.

  • About Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel integrates with the website and email apps that you use in your business. Create amazing offers for your audience on the platforms where you're already connected.

  • About Kajabi

Kajabi empowers you to create all kinds of content to showcase what you know best, including online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, memberships, and more.

*Remember to have accounts in both apps.

There are some triggers and actions that Zapier suggests for you:

Triggers are events that start in Zap, while Actions are events that Zap performs.

In Kajabi, you can choose many different triggers such as: New Purchase, Tag Added .. etc.

Deadline Funnel offers many trigger options, such as: Track Purchase, Create Custom Event,..etc.

It will have a meta description for any actions or triggers for choosing the one to fill up the user's requirement.


Deadline Funnel


New Form Submission

Triggers when a form is submitted.

New Purchase

Triggers when an offer is purchased.

Tag Added

Triggers when a tag is added to a contact.

Tag Removed

Triggers when a tag is removed from a contact.

New ConvertHub Portal

Triggers when a new portal is created.

New ConvertHub Subscriber

Triggers when a new subscribers submits ConvertHub opt-in form.

New Custom Event

Triggers when a new custom event is created in Deadline Funnel.


Grant Access to an Offer

Grants a new or existing member access to an Offer and its Products.

Create Form Submission

Submits a Form on behalf of a contact. This will opt in the contact for email marketing.

Revoke Access to an Offer

Revokes access to an offer from the specified member.

Create Custom Event

Creates a custom event in DF

Start Deadline

Starts a deadline for a specific lead.

Track Purchase

Creates a sales tracking event.

Step-by-step to use Zap for connecting WordPress + Kajabi

  • Step 1: Authenticate Deadline Funnel and Kajabi

After you sign in for both apps, then go to and scroll down to this section:

Click "Connect Kajabi + Deadline Funnel".

Zap will auto-combine the apps for you easily to make a command.

  • Step 2: Pick one trigger in one of those apps you need in Zappier, and then it will activate automatically.

In this section below, you will have a list of events that can be triggered.

Choose the event you want to perform in the list. For example, I choose "New Custom Event".

Choose "Sign in" to authenticate your Deadline Funnel Account.

Sign your email and log in to your account in Deadline Funnel, it will automatically connect.

Click "Continue" .

Zap will auto-test the trigger to make sure the setup is correct. Remember, it always needs to do this step before moving to any section further.

  • Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app.

Repeat the setup as you do in the first application.

In this section below, you will have a list of events that can be triggered

For example, I choose "Create Form Submission".

Connect to your account in Kajabi and click "Continue".

Set up action: Fill in the blank the data from Kajabi. You must fill in the blanks: "Email", and "Name".

Once done, you can test the action to find value or skip the test if your filling is correct.

  • Step 4: Finishing the action

It will always ask you to publish your Zap for executing tasks automatically in the future. You can cancel or change the Zaps at any time.

Following the guide carefully will prevent it from establishing Zaps if you miss any moves.

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