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This is a new Integration for Zapier. It has more custom actions that the current Monday integration in Zapier doesn't have.

  • Get all subitems

  • Look Up Item By Item Name

  • Look Up Item By Column Value (Advance Return)

  • Create Sub Item Advance

  • Create Sub Item (return Item ID for next step)

and more to come.

Quick Tutorial Video How To Use All The Actions Of The Ultilities

Get All Subitem

Get all subitems of an item and return a readable format for next step in the automation. Check the compare below Get All Subitem


My Private App Get All Subitem


Get Item by Column Value

You can look up item by name (Current doesn't has this) and return a beautiful readable format for next step. Get Item by Column 

My Private App Lookup Item by Name


Create Subitems with column values

Create a new subitems with all the columns values

Create Multi Subitems and return subitem ID Integration doesn't return an ID when you create the subitem so you can't update the column values for it in the next step. My private app can return all the ids after created the subitems


Lookup Item by Name Integration doesn't has an option to lookup item by name. My private app you can have this option.


Please drop me your info if you interest of using this Monday Private Zap

Thanks for submitting!

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